How to get Long Happy Hair..!

I always get asked ‘how do you get your hair so long?’ & ‘I bet you never have it cut often right??’.

Actually quite the opposite, my secret is to have regular trims (I do mine every 8 weeks) to keep my ends nice and strong so the hair grows healthy.

By not having those ends trimmed regular the hair ends up splitting up the hair shaft causing the hair to break and become dead so the hair doesn’t appear to be growing as the ends are damaged. 

My hair is finer in texture so I have to keep on top of it to keep my hair strong, along with regular trims I use minimal heat, professional Organic & Earth friendly products and ammonia free lighteners for my highlights.

Here’s a few of my faves which I’m currently using @originalmineral Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo & Conditioner and use their Seven Day Miracle Mask once a week, for styling I use a small amount of @owayorganics Nuturing drops 💚 for more advice or tips to keep your mane healthy contact me through the contact page on my website!


New Year in Canada!!

Just wanted to say a HUGEEE HELLOOOO to all my future clients and brides of 2018!! I have now moved to beautiful Vancouver BC and have begun my new journey styling the lovely ladies and gents of Vancity!! 

After a little break from moving I have been enjoying hiking the mountain tops, exploring the lakes and all kinds of things this beautiful place has to offer!!  

Here's a snap of myself at Mount Seymour on New Years Day!!

I look forward to meeting you all and do get in touch via the online form or directly to my email, speak to you shortly! xx